Top 5 Best Pre-Workouts for Teens in 2023

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts, and especially all you teenagers eager to supercharge your workouts! I totally understand your drive to make the most of your time at the gym or during home workouts. Sometimes, a little boost can make a world of difference. That’s where pre-workout supplements come into play. So, if you want to know what the best pre-workout for teens is, then you are int for a treat.

In this article, I will be covering the top 5 best pre-workouts for teens and also explaining why pre-workouts are not a must-have, as well as how to find the pre-workout that suits you the best. So, let’s dive in!

Top 5 Best Pre-Workouts for Teens

  1. C4 Sport – Top Pick
  2. Genius PRE – Runner Up
  3. Vega Sport Pre-Workout
  4. Red Leaf Pre Workout
  5. Amino Lean Pre Workout Powder

1. C4 Sport – Top Pick

Top pick
Best pre-workout for teens

C4 Sport

C4, established in 2011, is a powerful pre-workout powder infused with 135 mg of caffeine and available in various flavors. Mixing 9 grams with water before your workout can provide a significant energy boost, making it an excellent choice for teens seeking to enhance their exercise performance.

Product Pros

  • Boasts the Most Caffeine, but is still safe for teens
  • Includes Creatine
  • Comes from a Trusted Brand
  • Affordable Pricing

Product Cons

  • Incorporates a mix of extra components with unspecified individual dosages

C4, one of the world’s best-selling pre-workouts, has been a trusted choice for over a decade. To get the most out of it, mix C4 Sport with about a cup of water and have it 20–30 minutes before your workout.

Keep in mind that C4 Sport boasts the highest caffeine content on my list, providing strong stimulation. However, if you’re not accustomed to high caffeine levels, especially considering it’s for teenagers, you might want to explore other options.

What sets C4 apart is its unique inclusion of creatine, perfect for quick bursts of energy, making it an excellent choice for weightlifting and high-intensity sports. If you were already considering adding creatine to your workout routine, C4 is a solid option.

2. Genius PRE – Runner Up

runner up
Second best pre-workout for teens

Genius PRE

The Genius Brand Genius Pre stands out as an exceptional stimulant-free pre-workout enriched with nootropics, intended to enhance both your concentration and exercise performance. Despite garnering positive feedback, a few customers have recommended the availability of larger containers, exceeding the current 20-serving size, to lessen the frequency of reorders.

Product Pros

  • Free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, and filler components
  • Significant quantities of its exclusive mixtures

Product Cons

  • Steep cost per serving
  • Exclusively offered in 20-serving packages

Taking the runner-up spot for the best pre-workout tailored to those sensitive to caffeine is Genius Pre-Workout Powder.

Established in 2018, Genius is a brand committed to developing products that not only improve physical performance but also sharpen mental focus. This pre-workout is nootropic-driven and designed to enhance both concentration and energy levels.

Packed with familiar pre-workout components like Beta-Alanine, L-Tyrosine, and ElevATP, it also incorporates nootropic ingredients like Rhodiola rosea, Huperzia serrate, and astragin, all geared toward boosting focus. This blend creates a comprehensive supplement that delivers both energy and mental clarity during your workouts.

Although it may not provide the same intense stimulation as some other options on our list, given its caffeine-free nature, Genius Pre-Workout Powder remains an outstanding choice for a well-rounded pre-workout experience.

3. Vega Sport Pre-Workout

Third best pre-workout for teens

Vega Sport Pre-Workout

Opting for low-stimulation pre-workouts? Consider Vega Sport’s Sugar-Free Pre-Workout Energizer. This product hails from Vega, a renowned vegan brand in operation since 2001. It provides caffeine and vital electrolytes, making it a perfect choice for a swift energy surge before your workouts.

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Product Pros

  • Zero grams of sugar per serving
  • Completely dedicated to vegan principles
  • Moderate, middle-of-the-road caffeine dosage

Product Cons

  • There are not a lot of flavours to choose from

Vega Sport’s Sugar-Free Pre-Workout Energizer shines as another outstanding option in the low-stimulant pre-workout category. Vega, a trailblazer in vegan supplements since 2001, is a well-recognized brand for vegans and vegetarians who prioritize products aligned with their ethical choices.

While Vega’s pre-workout formula doesn’t feature typical ingredients like beta-alanine, creatine, and L-tyrosine, it places emphasis on caffeine sourced from coffee berry and green tea leaf extract. Additionally, it includes essential electrolytes like magnesium, sodium, and potassium. This composition gives it a profile that resembles more of an energy drink than a conventional pre-workout supplement. Nonetheless, if you’re on the lookout for a straightforward beverage offering a moderate caffeine boost and added electrolytes before your workout, it remains a superb choice.

4. Red Leaf Pre-Workout

Red Leaf Pre-Workout

Red Leaf’s Pre-Workout Energizer Powder, established in 2018, presents a reduced-caffeine pre-workout alternative with a content of 40mg of caffeine per serving. It also incorporates beta-alanine and BCAAs to provide a well-rounded energy lift.

Product Pros

  • A company with a primary focus on this product
  • Contains a gentle caffeine dosage
  • Flavoured with natural fruit juices

Product Cons

  • It comes at a premium price per serving, given the ingredient composition
  • The ingredient profile could benefit from additional components like creatine and L-Tyrosine

Established in 2018, Red Leaf is a relatively new player in the market, but their pre-workout product stands out. Their unwavering focus on this flagship product underscores their confidence in its effectiveness. Additionally, they offer a range of other products, including collagen peptides, recovery balm, and an immunity support supplement.

Red Leaf’s pre-workout is straightforward yet potent. Boasting just 40mg of caffeine per serving, it delivers a mild energy kick, positioning it as one of the lowest-caffeine options on our list. It strikes the perfect balance, offering a gentle stimulant effect akin to a cup of coffee without overwhelming intensity.

This supplement features key pre-workout elements, with an emphasis on beta-alanine and BCAAs. Providing 1 gram of beta-alanine per serving, it offers an effective dosage without the jitters associated with pre-workouts containing significantly higher amounts.

5. Amino Lean Pre-Workout Powder

Amino Lean Pre-Workout Powder

Established in 2009, this is an excellent choice for a low-stimulation pre-workout. It mirrors C4 Sport in caffeine content and combinations, though precise ingredient quantities remain undisclosed. AminoLean prioritizes weight management by incorporating elements such as L-carnitine and green tea extract.

Product Pros

  • Tailored for weight management, particularly if that’s your objective
  • Offers a wide array of flavours to suit your preferences
  • This pre-workout stands out for its strong focus on amino acids.

Product Cons

  • Lacks transparency regarding ingredient dosages
  • The weight management formula might not align with everyone’s fitness objectives

How to find the best pre-workout for teens?

Caffeine Content:

The amount of caffeine in a pre-workout is a vital consideration for teens. Research thoroughly and opt for caffeine-free supplements if needed. It’s essential to be aware that teenagers under the age of 18 should consume caffeine at a rate of less than 2.5 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day. For instance, if a teenager weighs a maximum of 54 kg, the recommended maximum caffeine dosage would be 135 mg (54 kg x 2.5 mg/kg). Always keep this guideline in mind when choosing a pre-workout.

Other Ingredients:

Beyond caffeine, it’s crucial to understand the additional ingredients in a pre-workout. Conduct research to grasp the role of each ingredient. For instance, being informed about beta-alanine, which may cause a tingling sensation, allows you to decide if it’s acceptable for the potential exercise performance benefits. Understanding the purpose and dosage of each ingredient helps you select a pre-workout that aligns with your specific goals and preferences.

Label Transparency:

While pre-workouts themselves may not have evidence of causing harm, it’s essential to consider label transparency. Some supplements may contain unlisted banned stimulants and steroid analogues, posing potential risks, especially for teenagers. Stay vigilant and prioritize products with transparent ingredient lists to make safe and informed choices.

Ultimately, finding the best pre-workout for teens involves a combination of evaluating caffeine content, understanding the roles of other ingredients, and ensuring label transparency to make choices that align with individual fitness goals and safety.

Why Pre-Workout is not a must-have for teens

Best pre-workout for teens

Pre-workout supplements, while beneficial for enhancing gym performance, are by no means a necessity for achieving a great workout. It’s essential to keep in mind that many pre-workout supplements contain high levels of caffeine, which may not be the healthiest choice, particularly for teenagers. It’s crucial not to rely on any supplement as a crutch for achieving a good workout. Instead, they should be viewed as a helpful tool to assist in powering through challenging workout sessions, if needed.

What’s of utmost importance, especially for teenagers, is to prioritize a balanced and varied diet that provides adequate amounts of all essential nutrients, including sufficient protein. During the period of accelerated growth and development, success in fitness is rooted in a combination of factors such as proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and a well-structured training program. Supplements, including pre-workouts, should not be regarded as absolute necessities, particularly before the age of 18.

In essence, while pre-workout supplements have their merits, they should not be considered indispensable for achieving excellent workout results. The focus should always be on adopting a holistic approach that encompasses a nutritious diet, ample rest, and a carefully planned training regimen. Supplements, including pre-workouts, can serve as aids to enhance specific aspects of your workout, but they should never replace the core principles of a well-rounded fitness routine.


While pre-workout supplements can aid in gym performance, they’re not essential, especially for teenagers who should be cautious due to high caffeine content. Focus should be on a well-rounded approach: a balanced diet with sufficient protein, proper rest, and structured training. Pre-workouts can enhance workouts, but they should complement, not replace, a holistic fitness regimen.

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