How To Get Better At Calisthenics | 5 Methods

How to get better at calisthenics

So, you want to get better at calisthenics but don’t know how? I got you. Calisthenics is a sport that requires patience; it is not easy to progress, and a lot of people don’t know how exactly to progress. That is why I wrote this article on how to get better at calisthenics, where I will take you through all the methods and techniques you can use to get better at calisthenics.

What you will learn:

  • How do I progress in calisthenics?
  • 5 Methods to progress in calisthenics
  • How fast do you progress in calisthenics?

How Do You Progress in Calisthenics?


Starting your journey in calisthenics is like embarking on an exciting adventure with your body. Progressing in calisthenics can be a challenge, but there are a few techniques you can use to make progress. First off, consistency is your greatest friend. If you want to progress , you have to stay consistent. If you are inconsistent and only train now, then your progress is going to stand still.

Moreover, as your strength grows, you need to gradually increase the difficulty of your exercises and learn new skills. There are a bunch of techniques you can use to make the exercises harder, but I will explain those more in detail later, and another fun way to progress and get stronger is by learning new skills like the handstand or muscle up.

5 Ways to Get Better at Calisthenics

There are a couple of methods you can use to progress in calisthenics. These methods are mainly focused on increasing the difficulty of your exercises and learning new skills.

Here are a few methods you can use to progress:

  1. Increase Sets and Reps: One of the simplest ways to progress is by gradually increasing the number of sets and repetitions you perform. If you’ve been doing three sets of push-ups, try increasing it to four or five. As your strength improves, you’ll find that you can handle more volume, which in turn promotes muscle development and endurance.
  2. Do More Difficult Variations: Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to explore more challenging variations of exercises. For instance, if standard push-ups become too easy, progress to diamond push-ups or one-arm push-ups. These variations engage your muscles differently and keep your progress on an upward trajectory.
  3. Weighted Calisthenics: Incorporating additional weight into your calisthenics routine is a potent method for progression. Invest in a weighted vest or dip belt and start with manageable weights. Exercises like weighted pull-ups and dips can take your strength and muscle development to new heights.
  4. Learn New Skills: Calisthenics isn’t just about repetitions; it’s also about mastering new skills. Skills like handstands, muscle-ups, or planches demand control, balance, and body awareness. Learning these moves is a great and fun way to progress and make things more challenging.
  5. Varying Time Under Tension: Another effective method is to vary the time your muscles are under tension during exercises. You can perform exercises with slow, controlled tempos to increase the time your muscles work during each rep, or you can even do fast explosive movements like explosive push-ups.

How fast do you progress in calisthenics?

Progression in calisthenics depends on the person. In general, beginners often experience rapid improvements in strength, endurance, and skill acquisition within the first few months. However, as you advance, progress tends to slow down, and plateaus may occur.

On average, you can anticipate noticeable gains in the initial 3 to 6 months of consistent training, followed by a more gradual pace of advancement. Setting realistic goals and maintaining persistence through periods of slower progress is essential to achieving long-term success in calisthenics.

Remember, your personal dedication, genetics, and training approach play significant roles in determining the speed of your progression.

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